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2020-11-27 08:02 pm
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How's My Driving?

Although Nasuti is a character from an older and slightly more obscure fandom, that doesn't mean she isn't open to change from those she interacts with!

Please feel free to offer any comments or criticism (or even praise?) in the comments below! Everything's anonymous and IP logging is off. <3
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2011-12-21 02:29 pm

[LOCKED To Shin]

Shin? Can you help me with something not cooking? It'd be a huge favor. It's not bad, I promise!
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2011-12-20 12:38 pm

[LOCKED to Shuten]

Shuten? I know it may not be your thing, but if you have the time to spare, we could use a few other chaperones at the Christmas Winter Holiday Party.

I understand if you don't want to, I just thought I'd ask. No pressure, you're probably busy. We have several people already helping out, I just figured another person wouldn't hurt.

Even if you don't, you're still invited, it was a community-wide thing. But I understand if you can't come.

[Nasuti pauses, reading her post over.]

I'm sorry I've been taking up so much of your time. If it'll make you feel better, I could come visit you instead. I've been selfish, always having you come here.
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2011-12-02 08:26 pm

[Log] At the Yagyu Estate

(Following This Post)

Nasuti pulled the jeep in to the driveway of the Yagyu Estate, stopping outside of the automatic garage and parking the car. Taking the keys out of the ignition, she unfastened her seat-belt and looked to Shuten. She hesitated a moment before reaching over and unbuckling his seat belt, remembering the awkwardness that was Shuten's first ride in the jeep back when they searched for the Jewel of Life.

"Watch your head." Nasuti quietly warned as she pulled up the seat-belt. She pointed to the door handle on Shuten's end with her free hand. "Pull that lever there to let yourself out."

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2010-12-22 10:56 am
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Application for [ profile] vatheon

[ Player Name ] : Mippa
[ Personal LJ ] : [ profile] mippa
[ Age ] : 28
[ Timezone ] : UTC-6/Central USA
[ Other Characters ] : Ran Mouri ([ profile] coolguysangel) Detective Conan

[ Character's Name ] : Nasuti Yagyu
[ Character's Age ] : 21
[ Series ] : Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
[ Canon Point ] : Post-series (After OVA "Message")

[ History ] :
Series Wiki
Nasuti Profile
Nasuti's Wiki Page (uses dub names)

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