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[ Player Name ] : Mippa
[ Personal LJ ] : [ profile] mippa
[ Age ] : 28
[ Timezone ] : UTC-6/Central USA
[ Other Characters ] : Ran Mouri ([ profile] coolguysangel) Detective Conan

[ Character's Name ] : Nasuti Yagyu
[ Character's Age ] : 21
[ Series ] : Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
[ Canon Point ] : Post-series (After OVA "Message")

[ History ] :
Series Wiki
Nasuti Profile
Nasuti's Wiki Page (uses dub names)

[ Personality ] :
Nasuti Yagyu has never let others in on the details of her past, mainly because, compared to the pasts of her Trooper companions, her life has been relatively dull and uneventful prior to their arrival. Nasuti is the daughter of a French mother and Japanese father, the latter of whom is rather wealthy and affluent. She is also descended from her grandfather, Dr. Yagyu, who is a romance literature professor at Sengoku University.

She spent the earlier years of her childhood in France and moved back to Japan shortly before the awakening of the Troopers at age 17. Inspired by her French surroundings which were lush in culture and history, along with the encouragement of her grandfather, Nasuti took an early interest in Japanese romantic history, particularly that of legends, mysticism, and samurai. As such, Nasuti is extremely well-read and worldly with a mind for politics and scholarship.

Being a few years older than the Troopers and raised with French sensibilities, Nasuti is more modern-minded and mature than the majority of her Trooper companions. She often served as a care-taker for the boys and Jun, a little boy who was left in her care after his parents were abducted by Arago. She is headstrong and logical, often having to talk down the boys from rushing into action ill-prepared.

Nasuti often serves as the group's emotional strength. More than the others, she has faced grave losses during the battle with Arago. Her beloved grandfather, who taught her everything she knew about Japanese history and the inspiration for so much of her studies, was slain before her eyes. Even so, she faces danger without wavering, and never backs down when threatened by any of Arago's Masho.

Although Nasuti does not have the combat finesse that the Troopers have, she has courage, and is not one to back down from challenges. She will often make use of the technology around her in order to find tactical advantages in any given scenario, and recall details from her grandfather's research in order to unwrap the mysteries that the yoroi hold. At the end of the battle with Arago, it is Nasuti's resourcefulness and political aptitude that aids in keeping the existence of the mystical armor and its warriors a secret from society.

Raised in a life of luxury and comfort, Nasuti does her best to offer the same comforts to Jun and the Troopers away from battle. She has a generous spirit, opening the Yagyu home to the boys and lending them her family's resources when the need arises. She also serves as a peace-maker, as active teenage boys are prone to flaring tempers. She's not afraid to talk down the Troopers, and is not intimidated by the fact that they can very easily over-power her. She has earned their respect, and she's not afraid to wield a bit of authority when there's a need for it. As such, she's looked upon by most of the Troopers as an older sister of sorts - a role she's all too willing to step into.

According to all canon sources, Nasuti's blood type is AB. According to Japanese beliefs, those with an AB blood type are outgoing and confident. Type AB personalities are known for hiding their true face in difficult situations, which is something a girl like Nasuti is prone to do. Not having time to mourn her grandfather, Nasuti buried herself in his research both to honor his memory and to prevent his death from being in vain. They are very trustworthy and honest, but often have a variance in personality that they don't let people see very often. This is equally true of Nasuti - who in most cases is very mature and responsible, she isn't above joining in on Shin and Shuu's whimsical pranks, nor is she immune to the frivolities that often take hold of a young woman's heart. Her primary interests are romance novels, driving, Japanese history, fine art, and biking.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :

Unlike her companions, Nasuti's abilities are entirely mundane. She is a good driver, above-average in intelligence, politically astute, diplomatic, and computer-savvy. She is overall unremarkable as far as human beings are concerned, but she does serve as a strong support base for the Troopers. She has also been training on the naginata, a traditional Japanese bow weapon with a curved blade, with the Troopers' help, of course. :3 Having lived in France for a good chunk of her life, Nasuti has gained proficiency in French, English, and Japanese. According to her, though she "isn't any good with languages."

[ Other Important Facts ] :
I think I've got everything! ?

[ Sample ] :
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] :
Nope! Please let me know if you need anything clarified, anything re-done, you know the drill! ?


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